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The reason why most women do not take the actions to manage their own money is because they lack self-confidence. 

Self-Confidence is a feeling that you can rely on yourself. 

I teach you how to build that confidence by showing that:

Investing has become easier and cheaper in today's world.

It used to be rich's game, but now ANYONE can take advantage of the stock market.

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My name is Saima, the founder of Wealthy Muslim Women. I am a Neurologist who loves to read and talk about finance.

Over the years, I have extensively researched the stock market to understand how Muslim women can leverage lucrative investment opportunities in it.

Along with my 50-minutes free training course, you can avail of different learning and training material from my website for free. I have a free podcast by the name of "Wealthy Muslim Women," which can be easily accessed on both iOS and Android smartphones.

I hope you will love and enjoy embarking with me on this empowering journey to unlock greater wealth.

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Yes, this is the time: you need to learn to grow your money...Money sitting at home loses value over time.

You need to learn to play smart.

This is your opportunity. This is your chance. It’s time to build another source of significant, reliable income. One that doesn’t come from your job.


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A hands-on 6-weeks course that guides you through the entire process of successfully selecting and purchasing your first stocks.

(Yes, even in the middle of a global pandemic that
has dramatically changed our life.)

Learn How To Grow Your Money Smartly Through The Stock Market As A Muslim Woman!

Money is Easy is a program for Muslim women that guide you from start to finish, through the entire process of finding, selecting, and purchasing your first stock.